Who am I ? This is a question that took me a long time to find the answer to, I became a mother at the young age of 21, Newly married and a baby to care for I didn’t really have the time to find who I was and I often felt lost, and disconnected from myself . But along the way I learned some things, I learned that when I was creating on a regular basis, I felt fulfilled. I come from a long line of artists, we are a creative family …messy and unorganized..scatter brained and anxious..but we are creative. As a teenager my creativity came out in the form of fashion, I loved ( still love) to find unique items from the thrift store and make my own style, I also loved makeup and made up techniques of my own long before youtube tutorials. I went to school for fashion merchandising and absolutely loved it, into my second year the course was dropped and I found myself lost again, why I didn’t just transfer to another school that had the program I will never know. Things were different then, information wasn’t at our fingertips. When I became a mother and my post baby body wasn’t as fun to dress and fashion wise the 90’s weren’t very inspiring , I turned my attention to documenting my children’s lives in scrapbooks and making my tiny apartment as attractive as possible with very little money ( we were pretty poor) but if there is one thing I learned I was good at..it was making myself, my children and my home attractive for little money spent. Having my environment pretty and inspiring is very important to me. When we bought our first small home, my mother gave us old furniture, so I got right to painting them, this is years before pinterest, chalk paint and shabby chic, I found a passion..I loved it.  A few years later we found a big old historical home that needed some TLC , we were pretty naive to what we were getting ourselves into .. I blame it on our youth and energy…but this is where I really found myself, I loved all aspects of design, and from what everyone was telling me.. I had some talent . It took us 7 years to transform the home and I am extremely proud of what we did ..we had many wonderful memories there, after 14 years we sold the home, and just recently moved into a smaller home, one I will be transforming into a french villa , the best I can in NY . My main focus of design, is vintage pieces, I love to take a forgotten piece and give it a new life, I also love to bring vintage pieces into a home to add depth and warmth mixed with new items . So Who am I ? I am a mom of 3 amazing people, I am a wife to an amazing man and I am Me, very introverted, very loyal..very genuine ..very sensitive me .. And at almost 43 despite my forehead wrinkles , I really like my life and who I have become , I hope that people will be inspired by my ideas , my words and my vision.